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12 More Images
  • New Horizon Cover
  • Issue 4 Page 4
  • Girl with a cat
  • Page from the WildC.A.T.S Special
  • Wildcats Volume 1 Issue 50 page 30
  • Captain America Pin-up w/ sketch 4
  • Zealot with a big gun
  • Pin-up from Stormwatch Vol1 #6
  • Voodoo reading her flyer
  • From Wildcats vol1
  • Spidey & Hobgoblin
  • Cover to Star Wars Legacy #15 by Travis Charest

This website is solely owned and operated by JOE(see below). It was started way back in 1997. At first it was a static site containing only a handful of images. Over the years it has grown to the premier source for fans of Travis Charest. Visitors can post comments on pictures, vote on their favorite pictures and communicate with other fans in the forum.

Travis Charest

I have been web developer for over six years. I have worked for various government agencies, a variety of private companies and even owned my own company for a short time. I have built a lot of different programs from small contact databases to large content management systems. I do most of my programming in ColdFusion using the Fusebox methodology.

I have been collecting and reading comic books for longer then I can remember. There has been some periods where I haven't been to up to date with the newest comics but those times don't last too long. I don't like messages boards so you wont be seeing me too much on the forum but I encourage everyone to visit and post.

Well I think that's all I can write about myself. Please enjoy the site and always feel free to drop me an anytime you want.


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