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12 More Images
  • Death from SANDMAN sketch by Travis Charest
  • Spartan Sketch
  • Very Large version of Captain America  The Chosen cover by Travis Charest
  • Cover to European Edition of Wildcats Vol2 #1
  • Captain America Pin-up High Res Version
  • Metabaron Sketch 2
  • Ladytron
  • Cover to book Comicbook Heros
  • Cover to Issue #11 Wildcats Vol2
  • Katlin from Gen13 Classic trading card
  • Spider-man with an awesome web sketch by Travis Charest
  • Hardball from the Gen13 Classic Card series
High Res cover to Playstation Magazine
High Res cover to Playstation Magazine

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Name: larq2525 Email: larq2525@yahoo.com 09-Mar-04
Name: Chris Copeland Email: masteryoda@theartofstarwars.com 14-Nov-01
Name: Bob Email: joker7383@netscape.net 26-Apr-01
Name: Ysidro Suarez Email: Suhiro25@AOL.com 25-Apr-01

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